Rehabilitation Program

Our nine-month Drug and Alcohol Recovery Program is led by licensed counselors. The classes completed during these nine months are One to One, the Christian 12 Steps, Anger Management and Coping Skills, Relapse prevention and Workforce Preparedness. We seek to help men identify sinful patterns of behavior and turn to God for restoration and transformation. We also work with area Mental Health service providers because many of our clients have a dual diagnosis of addiction and mental illness. Although we are a nicotine and narcotic – free program, we do understand the importance and necessity of psychotropic medications for many of our residents. Our goal is that they receive healing to the whole person: physically, mentally, emotionally and above all spiritually. In addition to the classes the men also have chores, regular church attendance and take part in a recovery support group in the community. They take part in projects in the community to serve widows, the homeless and less fortunate. We provide rides to and from their appointments with doctors including psychiatrists if needed, parole or probation visits, court dates, dental or eye appointments. We also provide copays for their medications, clothing, hygiene products, shoes, socks, bedding, etc. Once the men graduate from our Rehab Program we encourage them to enter either our Work Program or Education Program as means to them making the next step toward being independent and functioning members of society with a desire and ability to give back to others. Our deepest desire is that our clients come to a saving knowledge of Christ and have a personal relationship with Him so we are committed to presenting what we believe is the Truth over and over. However, they can graduate without becoming a Christian because we also firmly believe that God gives us all the right to choose and we have no desire to violate that right. Rather, we strive to let each person experience the unconditional love of Jesus Christ through us.

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